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Upon request we can also arrange accommodation. We offer rooms with a host family, including breakfast or half-board if desired, as well as rooms in a shared apartment with other students. In a shared apartment you have your own room and you share the kitchen and bathroom with your other flatmates.


You can move into your accommodation on the Sunday before the course starts. You do not need to bring your own bed sheet or towels. Please note that the furnishings in the apartments can vary.


If you are staying with a host family, you should not treat your accommodation like a hotel - you will have to take care of your room by yourself. At the beginning of your stay you should discuss the conditions with your hosts, i.e. talk about using the kitchen, the household, telephone, and about mealtimes if you have breakfast and half-board.

In case you accidentally cause any damage, you should talk immediately with your host about it. You are expected to compensate any damage.​

If you wish to cancel a booked accommodation, you must inform us at least 2 weeks before your course will start. Otherwise a refund is not possible.

Please keep in mind that you will be asked to provide a deposit of 100€ for the keys. Your deposit will be refunded by the end of your stay upon the return of the keys.


Price for rooms:


Including half-board


*Prices are for 4 weeks. YThe booking is valid for the course period and not for the calendar month
Some courses, such as those in April/May, take place over 5 weeks instead of 4. The accommodation will therefore cost €625 or €875 with half-board included.

international health insurance

If you need health insurance for your stay in Germany, e.g. for an au pair stay, we recommend the inexpensive insurance from Care concept

Care Concept Auslandsversicherung

Care Concept Blocked Account

Our Care Concept Blocked Account – powered by VietinBank offers the following advantages:

  • Suitable for the visa and accepted by the German immigration authorities for more than 10 years

  • Only 4.90 euros per month plus a one-off setup fee of 50 euros

  • Free checking account included

  • Account opening within one working day

  • Money-back guarantee if the visa is rejected (minus a processing fee of 20 euros)

  • Secure and legally impeccable: blocked account and current account at the VietinBank

  • Health insurance can be applied for directly afterwards



Conditions of the Federal Foreign Office

In case you have to apply for visa, you should contact the German Embassy, a German Consulate or respectively in Germany the "Ausländerbehörde" (foreigner’s office). There you will be informed about the requirements you have to meet.

Depending on the country of origin you will be requested to prove that you have knowledge of German already. Beside that it is requested that you pay your language course(s) in advance. If a visa is granted, you will have to attend classes regularly. Please note that you have to sign up for 20 hours per week at least. We recommend a registration for at least three months.


Click here for a list of all German Embassies.

General terms and conditions

The whole course fee has to be paid in advance (see conditions of the Federal Foreign Office). Cancellation or postponement of a course that is subject to a visa is generally not possible. See below for the only exceptions.

If the application is rejected

In case a visa will not be granted, please send us a copy of the negative reply given by the Embassy two weeks before the booked course starts. In this case we charge a € 50 cancellation fee and reimburse the remainder of the course fee. Otherwise the course fee cannot be reimbursed.

In the event of delays in processing the application

If the embassy has not yet decided on your application, you have to inform us two weeks before the booked course starts and postpone your course. Otherwise we have to charge the month of the course. The course start date can be postponed up to three times in the case the visa process is delayed. Please note, after the third postponement a service fee of 30€ will be charged.

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