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Your Feedback

We think it's great that you want to share your suggestions or opinions about your German course with us.

If you give your teachers helpful feedback or send a compliment, they will be happy.

If you are not satisfied with something, we think it makes sense for you to talk to your teachers and find a solution together.

Of course you can also tell us something directly. We have created the questionnaire below for this purpose (you can choose the language in the form). We will then forward the feedback anonymously to your teachers.

We wish for you to continue to learn German with lots of fun and success.


Your ZDSK / TANDEM Frankfurt team

PS: There may sometimes be a change of teacher for various reasons.

Maybe you will miss your trusted teacher. Eventually you got used to her and her method. We understand that this situation can be frustrating.


But sometimes there is no other way to organize it and then we rely on your cooperation and your willingness! Please take the time and engage with your new teacher. At the latest after an introductory phase you may notice the qualities of the new lessons and the learning progress.


If you still have different expectations, it is best to seek dialogue with the new teacher or use the form above.

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