Deutsch Intensiv Premium

20 units of 45 minutes/week

Monday-Friday/ mornings: 9-12.30 /afternoon: 13.30-17 /evening 17.30-21 €460 per month

Intensive cours (from the beginner to the advanced level). 5 days per week. In small groups of 6 - 9 participants, you will learn intensively and effectively reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Prüfungstraining B2/C1/telcC1 HS

8 units of 45 minutes/week or 12 units of 45 minutes/week

B2: tu+ th 9-12.30/ C1: mo+we+fr 9-12.30

Four-week preparatory course that prepares for the B2 or C1 exam according to telc *.

Writing Tu+Th evening

4 units of 45 minutes/week

2x per week/ €160 per month/ starting November (in October online)

Anyone can write. But anyone who has attended this course can write really well! We'll play with the language in creative writing, practice good graphic descriptions, and learn how to write compelling commentaries, business letters and discussions.

Evening course Mo+We / Tu+Th

4 units of 45 minutes/week or 8 units of 45 minutes/week

2x or 4x per week / €80€ or €140 per month, respectively

Perfect for studying after work. Lessons are 90 minutes in the evenings twice a week.

telc C1-HS
preparation course

20 units of 45 minutes/week

Monday-Friday/ 13.30-17.00 / €460 per month

Four-week preparatory course for the telc C1-HS exam. Can only be booked in combination with a C1-HS exam.

Individual lessons

45 min session

private lessons €40 per 45 Min

With our private online lessons the teacher has a chance to cater their teaching to your individual needs. Additionally, the lesson times can be agreed upon with your teacher directly to suit your timetable.

TestDaF preparation course

20 units of 45 minutes/week

next start: 28.09.20/ Monday- Friday / 1.30 to 5.00 pm/ €460 for 4 weeks (examination not included in price)

Four-week preparation course. The prerequisite for participation is level C1. The next date for the TestDaF exam at our school and information on registration can be found on our page under Exams.

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