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Our mission statement

The Center for German Language and Culture has been operating successfully as an independent language school in Frankfurt since 1981. We pride ourselves on our high quality teaching, the good organization, the family atmosphere and the good and modern equipment of the school.
We are characterized by the fact that we continuously face new requirements in the education sector and that we want to constantly develop further in terms of organization and content. We are capable of criticism and learn from mistakes.
We have set ourselves the goal of promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding through language learning.

Our guidelines

The Center for German Language and Culture sees itself as a place of intercultural encounter that is committed to the ideal of a just, social, ecological society. The unrestricted recognition of individual human rights is the basis of all interpersonal relationships at our school. This is also the basis of our commitment to secular democracy and the associated separation of state and religion as a basic condition for individual freedom and cultural diversity.
Freedom, equality and fraternity are universal values for us. They exclude any kind of discrimination and require respect for and equal treatment of people regardless of their gender, social position, sexual orientation, ethnicities and denominations or political and national origin.
Fundamentalist behavior, with which one accepts to injure others in their human dignity, are incompatible with the liberal self-image of this school.
We respect the diversity of each individual - both among our participants and among each other. We stand for an open Germany.

Our goals

Language learning is the basis for successful intercultural communication. We have made it our business that people of different origins get to know and understand each other. With our friendly and motivating learning atmosphere, we want to encourage people to enjoy language learning and arouse enthusiasm for intercultural exchange. The focus of our lessons is action-oriented; The aim is always to improve the learner's communication skills in everyday life, studying or at work. Our main concern is the learning success and the satisfaction of our participants with the lessons and our offer.

Our range

Our high-quality language courses are tailored to both the individual needs of our participants and the requirements of a globalized educational landscape. We prove our competence every day in our German language courses.

Our quality

As part of our membership in TANDEM International eV, we have committed ourselves to subject our offer to a constant quality assurance process. This is guaranteed both through the evaluation of customer surveys and through class observation. A quality check is carried out on site by the above-mentioned institution at regular intervals.
Our requirements for quality standards can be found in the topicality of the teaching material, with our motivated and qualified teachers, in the modern equipment of the classrooms and our customer-oriented service.
Our teachers have a lot of teaching experience and excellent professional competence. You enjoy teaching and dealing with people.

Our employees

The Center for German Language and Culture is characterized by participatory decision-making processes that give employees the opportunity to influence the goals of the school and its offers.
Both internally and externally, our cooperation is characterized by mutual respect, trust, openness, reliability, responsible behavior and sensitivity in dealing with one another. With flexible working time models, we enable a wide-ranging compatibility of family and work.

Customer focus

We attach particular importance to offering our participants excellent service, looking after them individually and answering inquiries quickly and professionally. We have a wide range of courses and are working on the continuous development of this offer. Both fair and transparent conditions of participation and fair course prices are a matter of course for us.
We attach particular importance to the development of course-accompanying products: Personally selected accommodation, course-accompanying cultural programs, additional online offers as well as preparation for recognized certificates and exams and their implementation form an important addition to our language courses.

Ethos and sustainability

We go along economically and responsibly in terms of sustainability our resources and pay attention to efficient and transparent structures and workflows.

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