TANDEM language partnership

Language learning as an exchange

TANDEM is a method for supporting language learning that is both new and, at the same time, one of the oldest methods in the world. While new technology and multimedia learning is opening up a world of virtual communication and training methods, TANDEM aims to promote direct conversation and encounters between people.

Two people make up a TANDEM pair – the aim is to meet up privately at regular intervals to support each other in their language learning. 


With over 5 million members and more than 150 languages, Tandem is the largest community worldwide for language learners. Through topic-matching, like-minded members can find each other and, as language partners, achieve their learning goals together via text and audio messages as well as video chat. Functions such as in-app translations or corrections by the language partner make the learning process even easier and help members to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. More information is available on www.tandem.net.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple! You can take a look at our TANDEM notice board (right next to the office) to see if there is someone interested in learning your native language. You can also create a notice for yourself with your telephone number and email and wait to see if someone gets in contact with you. This is free of cost. If you would prefer to find a TANDEM partner online, then you can download the Tandem app.

Tandem international

TANDEM Frankfurt – Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur is a member of the worldwide TANDEM Network.

Schools in the TANDEM Network exist in the following countries:


German courses in Germany:

Berlin: TANDEM Berlin
Hamburg: TANDEM Hamburg
Bremen: CASA Bremen
Göttingen: TANDEM Göttingen
Bielefeld: TANDEM Bielefeld
Frankfurt: TANDEM Frankfurt
München: TANDEM München
Köln: TANDEM Köln

Spanish courses in Spain

Barcelona: Escuela Mediterráneo
Madrid: TANDEM Madrid
Granada: Escuela Montalbán
San Sebastián: TANDEM San Sebastián

Santiago de Chile: TANDEM Santiago de Chile


Further information and contact details for the TANDEM school can be found here: www.tandem-schools.com