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Our team

our office team

Our team consists of qualified and competent, experienced and young teachers; our office staff, who are happy to help you with any matter relating to visa issues, accommodation, cultural programs, etc. and our educational staff, who take care of administration and organization.

Our teachers are native speakers with university degrees. Many of them speak several foreign languages and therefore know exactly the difficulties of learning a new language. Above all, an open and friendly teaching atmosphere is important to us. Because that is the basic requirement for everyone to feel comfortable and dare to speak German without being afraid of making mistakes.

From the first moment the lessons are held exclusively in German. Don't worry, our teachers are trained and make sure that you still understand everything. In addition to teaching the German language, it is also our aim to promote cultural exchange. Our lessons are always lively and communicative. In our internationally diverse classes you will always meet exciting people from all over the world.

We are particularly proud of our award-winning and openly accessible basic level course "Skyscraper", which is used in levels A1 to B1. In addition, we also create our own exams, continuously expand our additional materials and work on our Moodle platform.

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