Welcome to Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur! At our language school, you can learn German alongside other students from all around the globe - one of the most difficult, but also most rewarding languages in the world. Whether you need it for your studies, your job or simply to get by in everyday life, we can help. With our courses you can learn and improve your reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar skills in a lively and communicative environment and learning is particularly effective with small groups of 5 – 9 participants. We offer courses at all times of day for all levels between A1 to C2 – from beginners to skilled German speakers!



New  hybrid courses for A2.1 and B1.1 / Writing course 26th of October 2020

For online courses see Tandem Frankfurt.

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We are “telc Kompetenzzentrum Hochschule” and regularly offer telc exams. You can find more information here.


Unfortunately we do not offer any integration courses. You can find information about the providers here.






Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur only offers face to face courses, for online courses see Tandem-Frankfurt e.V.

Deutsch Intensiv Premium

20 units of 45 minutes/week

Monday-Friday/ mornings: 9-12.30 /afternoon: 13.30-17 /evening 17.30-21 €460 per month

Intensive course (from the beginner to the advanced level). 5 days per week. In small groups of 6 - 9 participants, you will learn intensively and effectively reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Evening course Tu+Th

8 units of 45 minutes/week

2 x per week / €180 per month, respectively

Perfect for studying after work. Lessons are 180 minutes in the evenings twice a week.

telc C1-HS
preparation course

20 units of 45 minutes/week

Monday-Friday/ 13.30-17.00 / €460 per month

Four-week preparatory course for the telc C1-HS exam. Can only be booked in combination with a C1-HS exam.

Deutsch Intensiv Kompakt

16 units of 45 minutes/week

In the afternoon 1.30 - 5 p.m. / Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday/ €370 per month

Intensive course (from the beginner to the advanced level). 4 days per week with the teacher in the school, 1 day learning autonomously at home. In small groups of 6 - 9 participants, you will learn intensively and effectively reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Individual lessons

45 min session

private lessons €40 per 45 Min

With our private online lessons the teacher has a chance to cater their teaching to your individual needs. Additionally, the lesson times can be agreed upon with your teacher directly to suit your timetable.

TestDaF preparation course

20 units of 45 minutes/week

next start: 04.01.21/ Monday- Friday / 1.30 to 5.00 pm/ €460 for 4 weeks (examination not included in price)

Four-week preparation course. The prerequisite for participation is level C1. The next date for the TestDaF exam at our school and information on registration can be found on our page under Exams.

Deutsch Intensiv Hybrid

16 units of 45 minutes/week

Mo+Tu+Th+Fr/ 370€ per month - Starting 23.11.20 and only A2.1/B1.1!

You participate in the classroom with the teacher in front of an interactive whiteboard. The maximum number of students in the classroom is 5 (plus up to 8 online students, see also www.tandem-frankfurt.de). Lessons are Mo, Tu, Th and Fr from 9 to 12.30 p.m. or from 1.30 to 5 p.m. (180 minutes).

exam preparation telc B1/ B2/ C1

8 units of 45 minutes/week or 12 units of 45 minutes/week

B1: tu+th 13.30-17.00 (€275)/ B2: tu+th 9-12.30 (€300)/ C1: mo+we+fr 9-12.30 (€350)

Four-week preparatory course that prepares for the telc B1, B2 or C1 exam.

Writing Mo+We

4 units of 45 minutes/week

2x per week/5.30 - 7.00 pm €160 per month/ starting November

Anyone can write. But anyone who has attended this course can write really well! We'll play with the language in creative writing, practice good graphic descriptions, and learn how to write compelling commentaries, business letters and discussions.

* The prices of the courses are the same regardless of language level.


Course books are not included in the price. The course book for A1, A2 and B1 ‘Wolkenkratzer’ is also available online free-of-charge. For B2 and C1 the digital version from ‘Aspekte neu’ can be purchased online. The printed version of 'Aspekte neu' can be bought in a bookshop, and the printed version of both 'Wolkenkratzer' and 'Aspekte neu' can be bought at the school.

After registering, you will receive a registration confirmation and a payment request via e-mail. Please note that the registration is valid only after receipt of the course fee.


If you apply for a visa for a language course in Germany, you need a course with at least 20 hours per week (45 minutes each).


If you need health insurance for your stay in Germany, we recommend insurance from "Care Concept".

Levels & chapters


Conditions of participation for Online Live courses by TANDEM-Frankfurt e.V.

  1. The course fee must be paid in advance.

  2. the registration is valid for 4 weeks. A continuation of the course in the next level is usually possible, provided that this course is offered.

  3. We can enrol you in a course at your level, but we cannot guarantee that the course will start with a specific lesson. The learning success or the achievement of a certain level depends on the individual requirements and cannot be guaranteed. 

  4. The courses are aimed at adults and course attendance requires regular participation and active cooperation. Should there be any disruptions, we reserve the right to exclude participants from the course.

  5. If you cancel your course after it has started or you don't attend the course due to illness, a reimbursement of course fees is not possible. Cancellation or rebooking is possible up to two weeks before the start of the course. In this case, a processing fee of €50 will be charged.

  6. In the instance that a visa has been granted specifically for the attendance of a German language course, participation in the course is mandatory and cancellation is generally not possible.

  7. Dates and prices are subject to change. Alterations to the offered courses and the course fees are also possible during the current year of courses.

  8. The occasional cancellation of classes as a result of exceptional circumstances will not be substituted.

  9. If we are obliged to cancel a course, we will reimburse already paid fees. No further claims can be made.

  10. By registering for the course, you agree to our terms and conditions and our corona hygiene and distance rules.

  11. If a corona case occurs in a course, face-to-face classes can be temporarily suspended and replaced by online classes or postponed. This also applies in the case of an officially ordered closure of the school. A refund of the course fee is not possible after the course has started.


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